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Causes of spinal cord

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Causes of spinal cord disorders include injuries, infections, a blocked blood supply, and compression by a fractured bone or a tumor.
Typically, muscles are weak or paralyzed, sensation is abnormal or lost, and controlling bladder and bowel function may be difficult.
Doctors base the diagnosis on symptoms and results of a physical examination and imaging tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
The condition causing the spinal cord disorder is corrected if possible.
Often, rehabilitation is needed to recover as much function as possible.
The spinal cord is the main pathway of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. It is a long, fragile, tubelike structure that extends downward from the base of the brain. The cord is protected by the back bones (vertebrae) of the spine (spinal column). The vertebrae are separated and cushioned by disks made of cartilage.


Knee Pain and Bone Spurs

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Knee pain can have a variety of sources, including bone spurs. When bone spurs occur in the knee, it can be quite annoying to put it mildly. Apparently, bone spurs just happen. Physicians don’t have a good explanation as to why they appear; I’ve asked. In my situation it literally kept me on needles and pins. Caution: If you are experiencing any continuing pain in your knees, always consult with your physician to determine the cause.


Shoulder dislocation

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Shoulder injuries are not the exclusive domain of the over forties, but if you have reached this particulat milestone you are at a higher than average risk of injuring your shoulder. Approximately a third of us will suffer a problematic shoulder injury once we get beyond our fortieth birthday. I managed do put mine off until past fifty and with the knowledge I now have I could have avoided it altogther.
As we grow older, our posture changes, we do not carry ourselves in the same way at forty as we did in our twenties so it should come as no surprise that our shoulders change at the same time. Because of the complexity of the shoulder joint, any change in posture can eventually result in shoulder problems


Neck Pain

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A neck or shoulder pain may be caused by having your arms raised in an awkward position for too long, and with rest the pain will subside on its own. Tension can cause neck and shoulder pain as well.
Before any neck or shoulder pain can be treated, the reason for the pain must be found out by a professional. It could be caused by nothing more than being in a position that will cause you to overuse certain muscles, working out with weights using the wrong technique, tension, or something more serious. No treatment can be prescribed without knowing the cause of the problem.


Back Pain

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Back pain natural remedies are effective in reducing the agony to a large extent though in many cases it is not possible to identify the root cause of the pain but relief in pain can be gained by simple methods. Back pain is categorized into two categories, acute pain and chronic pain.
Treatments of back pain are available and are effective in reducing the agony to a large extent though in many cases it is not possible to identify the root cause of the pain but relief in pain can be gained by simple methods. Backache is categorized into two categories, acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is that which has lasted for less than a month whereas chronic pain is the one which has persisted for more than three months. There are various serious underlying medical conditions causing chronic back pain and main treatment is focused on treating the root cause of the pain.


Anatomy of the human body

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Anatomy is studied by students in medical school. They learn about the body from books, lectures, and pictures, and by dissecting bodies. It is impossible for a student to understand anatomy well without dissecting a body.
In many places, at many times, it has been illegal to dissect bodies. This has made it difficult for students of anatomy. The law was often broken, however. There were men who were called 'body-snatchers." These men stoic-bodies from cemeteries, and sold the bodies to medical schools.
Governments finally became convinced that anatomy was an important science, and that dead bodies were needed for the study of anatomy. Laws were passed in most countries that permitted the use of bodies for dissection. Today, some people wish to help mankind even after they have died. These people will their bodies to medical schools. Anatomy is also studied by artists. They must know something about the parts of the human body so that they may be able to draw human figures accurately.The great Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci, knew a lot about anatomy. Not only did he show this in his paintings, but he also made many sketches of the human body. These sketches showed the bone and muscle structure of the body, and scientists today consider them quite accurate. Michelangelo, the greatest sculptor the world has ever known, was famous even before da Vinci. The statues created by Michelangelo show that this great sculptor knew very much about the human body. Unless a painter or sculptor knows something about anatomy, his work will be stiff and inaccurate. Without a knowledge of anatomy, drawings or sculpture of the human figure look more like puppets than people.

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